3-FPM (3-Fluorophenmetrazine)



Buy amphetamine online in the highest quality powder form, also available in 3-FPM pellets. Buy 3-FPM in the quantities 1gr, 2gr, 5gr, 10gr, 25 or 50gr. Ensure to store the 3-FPM powder in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. Store in a dry and cool place for maximum shelf-life. When handling research chemicals ensure to always take the proper precautions in the laboratory like wiping down surfaces and wearing gloves, a mask & protective clothing.


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Buy 3-FPM. The drug 3-FPM (also known as 3-Fluorophenmetrazine, 3F-Phenmetrazine, and PAL-593M) is a novel stimulant substance of the phenylmorpholine class. 3-FPM for sale is an analog of Phenmetrazine which was an extremely popular stimulant substance for research in the 1960s. Buy 3-fpm crystal online produces classical stimulant effects comparable to those of amphetamine. Common effects include stimulation, enhanced focus, and motivation, thought acceleration, and euphoria.

3-FPM pellets contain 75mg 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. 

Product Name: 75mg 3-FPM Pellets
Cas No: 1350768-28-3
Formula: C11H14FNO
IUPAC: Name: 2-(3-Fluorophenyl)-3-methylmorpholine

3-FPM for sale

The physical effects reported based on the subjective effect index and personal experiences of users are stimulation that energizes the body, abnormal heartbeat, increase in heart rate, appetite suppression, stamina enhancement, dehydration, increase in perspiration, frequent urination, dry mouth, vasoconstriction, increased libido, pupil dilation, and teeth grinding. Buy 3-FPM (3-Fluorophenmetrazine)


The definition of 3-FPM is officially known as 3-Fluorophenmetrazine, 3F-Phenmetrazine, and PAL-593. The once-popular substance in the 1950s is a derivative of phenmetrazine. 3-FPM was first synthesized in a patent filed in 2011.


3-Fluorophenmetrazine is a synthetic molecule of the amphetamine family and a derivative of phenmetrazine. Molecules of this class contain a phenethylamine core. This core is comprised of a phenyl ring bound to an amino group through an ethyl chain substituted with a methyl group (i.e. amphetamines are alpha-methylated phenethylamines). Very little data exists about 3-Fluorophenmetrazine. Due to the lack of scientific research on its properties, it is highly advised to use harm-reduction practices if using this substance. Buy 3-FPM (3-Fluorophenmetrazine)



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